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The typical person saves brand name designer clothing and hefty price tags for  special events or occasions. However, the rest of the time it is still possible to look great and not spend a fortune doing it. The demand for trendy, cute clothes has created a whole new market for the budget conscious. Stores like Sirens, Fairweather and Forever 21 all offer great looks, that could have come from world renowned designers, for a fraction of the price.

You can look great and still make next month’s rent! Cheap trendy clothes don’t have to come newly bought either. Thrift stores offer a fantastic variety of clothing you wouldn’t find in a modern store. Not only are they significantly easier on your wallet, they are full of trends that are constantly coming back. Just a couple years ago, jean shirts were a thing of the past. This year they are all the rage in women’s fashion. And where can you find loads of them? Thrift stores! Fashion will always be a repeating cycle because some things will always look good. So the clothes someone thought they’d never wear again can become your new fashion staple.

The perks of thrift stores don’t end there! For the creatively inclined, an old, drab shirt can become a lovely new top. Sites like Pinterest have an endless supply of fantastic ideas on how to refurbish stuff you can get for $2 at the local Goodwill. The internet is called a web for a reason. Pros and amateurs alike can share their ideas and you can discover things about fashion that really speak to you, personally. A great outfit is more than just clothes. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then your apparel is a direct reflection of your mood. Everyone can relate to the fantastic feeling of putting on a brand new dress or a cute new top and strutting to work or school feeling like a million bucks. An outfit that is put-together well can make you more confident, letting your equally gorgeous personality shine. Cheap trendy clothes can make your day and put a bounce in your step, without taking away from your budget. So go forth and be stylish!

Robin Foster