How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat In A Week

Ever notice how some days you just look fatter than others even though you weigh exactly the same? It’s super frustrating to put in a bunch of work to get a flat stomach, but only have it look flat part of the time. Stomach bloating not only looks bad, but it can feel very uncomfortable as well. The biggest cause of stomach bloating is intestinal gas that builds up in the abdomen (not to be confused with “water weight”). Luckily, avoiding stomach bloating can be done pretty easily once you understand how this case is being created. The biggest culprit – food. The types of foods you eat are directly responsible for creating intestinal gas, and therefore a bloated stomach. Here are some of the top foods you should eat to reduce stomach bloating:

Fennel Seeds

Full of lots of health benefits, fennel seeds are known for keeping to relax GI spasms. If you have a bloated stomach or are having gassy cramps, chew some fennel seeds or drink fennel tea to reduce the bloat.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is almost a superfood since it’s good for so many different things and helps the body in so many ways – including to reduce stomach bloating. Apple cider vinegar helps to maintain the appropriate levels of stomach acid, keeping gas and bloating to a minimum.


This fruit from down under has a surprisingly great impact on your stomach! It’s high in fiber, helps hydrate, and will give you a (good) kick in the bowels. Researchers have found that people who IBS who eat 2 or more kiwis a day have less constipation that those who didn’t.


A fantastic diuretic! Lemons have all sorts of great uses, including detoxing your bowels. Lemons have been shown reduce inflammation in the digestive tract (which helps to reduce a bloated stomach), aid in weight loss and also give an antioxidant boost to those who eat them.


Another fruit that’s full of fiber and yet is totally delicious! The high-fiber content of this tasty fruit gives is a mild diuretic effect which held to keep belly bloat under control. Researchers have also found that pineapples can reduce inflammation of the colon too, which could also help with the bloat!

Green Tea

Detox tea for belly fat is a number of ways in addition to boosting your metabolism. It’s a great source of antioxidants and also has diuretic qualities. Researchers have found that green tea keeps your epithelial cells healthy, which helps to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract.


Cranberries are an excellent diuretic that will help flush toxins and yucky stuff out of your bowels. They’re also a well known home remedy for curing UTIs. Another great way to get rid of the extra belly bloat!


Asparagus does more than just make your pee smell weird. It’s full of prebiotics and probiotics which help to keep a good balance of bacteria in your intestines, which helps to reduce bloat. Researchers have also found that asparagus aids in reducing the chances of developing obesity.


Avocado burns belly fat too, Although they have fat it’s actually a healthy type of fat. Healthy fat is actually a great way of preventing stomach bloat before it even happens. They’re also high in potassium, which will help to flush out any extra water weight you might be carrying around.


Robin Foster